Sunday, June 2, 2013

     Criminal Case Rewards

Hello Players,

Criminal Case is very popular game on facebook. I think you are enough familiar with it. Now move on


Criminal Case is a "find hidden objects" type game. You play role of a cop in the game. Go to the crime scenes , find all clues of the killer and prove guilt in the court.

Energy to Play

Yellow Energy bar on the top of the window tells your energy status, when it goes down to less than 20 you have to refill it to continue playing. The energy can be refilled by 4 methods -
  1. your each teammate can send you +2 energy points daily and when you send energy to them you can further receive +1 energy as thanks. So this become maximum +3 energy daily per teammate !
  2. from the daily energy rewards published on official game page.
  3. from shared orange juice and potato chips, oj gives you +20 energy and pc gives +50 energy points. you can gather 1 pc and 3 oj per day as per game limitation.
  4. energy bar increases automatically (it is very slow and take about 7 hours to refill).


Shared OJ and PC links :

here you can find working OJ and PC links, i update them regularly.

How to get the reward ?

The links i provided , are ad supported . when you click the link an ad window will be open , if you are not interested in the ad just simply click on "Skip ad" button on the top right corner of the window as shown below
you will be immediately redirected to your reward . that's done !

  • If link goes blank , than please disable adblock in your browser and try it again, it will work.
  • For opening links, doesn't require any extra setup. if you can run criminal case game in your browser , you can open reward links without any problem also.
  • If is blocked in your country , tell me .
  • I only upload those links , which are working at that time (no " all shared up " links). but it may be gone after some time of publishing.



Accept this Orange Juice             -    Congrates ! you got the OJ . (please send the card)
to celebrate my NEW LEVEL!

Accept this Potato Chips             -     Congrates! you got the Chips . (please send the card)
to celebrate my NEW RANK! 

Sorry partner, this reward             -    reward is outdated . Fault of the uploader (me) !
has expired.

Too late, partner, this                   -    the reward is all gone , you are late !
reward is all shared up!

Sorry, you've reached your           -     You cannot claim for more than 1 chips in a day . wait till tommorow
 Potato Chips quota
 (1/1) for today.
 Sorry, you've reached your          -    You cannot claim for more than 3 OJ in a day . wait till tommorow
 Orange Juice quota
 (3/3) for today.

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1000 Coins

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Orange Juice

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Potato Chips

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